Saturday, 23 July 2011

A full and inspiring day

I woke up early which was fine as I had to get to the timber merchants to get wood for the new duck run. Then Charles arrived and we set off for Sissinghurst...without a map...but anyway we got there eventually! It was just gorgeous, and the hot garden was stunning:

It was all very inspiring and the rest of the gardens were lovely too:

It was starting to get a bit busy so we had lunch and headed home, taking a slightly less scenic route this time. I left Charles sowing seeds and went over to Nicky's to have a meeting of the Country Craft Club - see I can say it! - as we had lots of exciting things to discuss:

Look at all that! Busy times! What you can't see in this picture is all the alcohol - we made Limoncello and necterine brandy and some sweet-preserved lemons too. I then pootled over to the bee farm and picked up a hive for my neighbours.

Sooo, a busy day...time for pj's, podcast and a bit of knitting I think.

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