Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sports Day

Today was fun, although I was quite tired having gone to bed late and been woken up by Tristan [sore throat] and Scruff [??] in the night but the evening had been fun as Nicky had brought Loretta over to observe a meeting of the Country Clarft Crub, and we had a very pleasant time talking about stuff and knitting things and eating chocolate. I also revealed Mr Buff-Orpington to his wife but the flash photography was not very flattering so we will get them together for a photo op at some point but here is Bertie:

He looks slightly less Quasimodo-ish in daylight

I am feeling rather wary of posting such a picture on a blog that both my father and brother might look at but I'm hoping my Dad won't know how to comment and Nick will be too embarrassed to admit he's related to me...

The ducks were a bit disappointed with the glorious sunshine/lack of rain that greeted the morning but having been loudly quacked at by John when I got back from walking the dog, I got their bath ready. They were quite keen:

In fact so keen, they couldn't wait and hopped in:

The swirling water out of the hose brought a wave machine element to the proceedings and they were quacking excitedly - the adrenelin rush of surfing white water is obviously applicable to ducks too.

I managed to tear myself away from the garden long enough to take the children to the Home Ed Annual Sports Day which was great fun as usual. They are all so keen to join in, it's great to see.

Strawberry lace eating contest

Obstacle Race
Three-legged Race
I opted out of the Parents Race as a) I was tired b) I have won the last two and c) I was too busy knitting. I finished my coathanger cover last night and stayed up ridiculously late last night crocheting flowers but here it is:

Quite pretty I think
I've started my next one and also cast on 60 stitches for my cafetiere cosy. Oh and crocheted some more flowers for a garland to go round my fireplace.

My garden is looking fantastic. Here's a couple of pics:

Giant Sunflower
Bit of a mess but all very productive
I'm off to Glyndebourne tomorrow!

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  1. Well done you. Bertie looks fab, and the coat hanger uber-pretty. Keep going with the flowers, and we'll soon have garlands aplenty! Enjoy Glyndebourne....