Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Tricks

I woke up quite early this morning so I went out and released the poultry:

Happy duck couple

Maud says hello...
The hens seem rather perturbed at the fact that the ducks don't really eat their corn; the hens gallop across the garden at the rattle of the feed tin so spend a lot of the time staring covetously at the ducks' feed bowl...

Emily doesn't really get the water thing
Handsome Henry in the morning sun

Then it was off to Latin lessons and a chance for me to catch up with Nicky. She showed me how to crochet! So I now have the coathanger cover and crocheting to er, keep me busy. I was so impressed wtih her apple cosies and after lending me a crochet hook and a ball of wool we enjoyed a pleasant hour or so fiddling about with wool and trying to say Country Craft Club and looking up about peapod wine on the web. Watch this space :-)

Back home and a bit more crocheting before a trip to town. I bought some new wool - it's a bamboo/wool mix and I liked the colour and feel of it so I got home and started again with my apple cosy. My first attempt had been a bit of a practice run, partly due to trying to read the instructions on iPad in the sun but anyway, here is my second version, with new wool:

Tristan, being the only male in the house at that point, asked the male question "Why do you need one of those??" but being the only male in the house, the girls and I ignored him and started planning what other colours we could do. I must finish the coathanger now I've got the apple cosy out of my system! I'm really pleased though as I'd not done any crocheting before 11 o' clock this morning but thanks to Nicky for teaching me :-)

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  1. Clever, clever, clever!!!!! I'm loving the apple cosy. I was thinking maybe we could just "cosy-up" all the apples on my tree BEFORE they fall....? Guerilla-crochet here we come!